A downloadable game for Windows

A fish tank horror game where you  play as a fish in a tank where the filter in blocked. The water becomes murky and you need to solve puzzles to make the filter run again while avoiding enemy fish. 

This is a university project from IT University of Copenhagen made by:

Mads Frost 
Kimberly Liu 
Mathias Munk
Holger Borum 
Tau Brodin 

More information is available in the readme file in the download


Dead Water 1.0.zip 40 MB


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For this being a university project, I really do love it! There's such an element of peril that I really wasn't expecting, and the fact that there's three levels to play adds a great depth (if you'll pardon the pun!) 

Thanks a lot for playing our game :), and I am so happy that you like it ! I really like your video, and you got it really fast!

 P.S. I had a good laugh about the mosquito lol :D